About Engle Acres

Engle Acres is a small acreage located in central Iowa. Neither my wife nor I grew up raising livestock, so this has been a new venture for us. I started raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats at the beginning of 2014, when I purchased two. Since that time, I have gotten married, had children, and turned this into a family endeavor. Luckily, as an animal lover, Krystina has been on board from day one. Not only do we have goats, but we also have two horses, a mini horse, chickens, three cats (Raja, Groot, and Owen), and two Bulldogs (Dozer-American & Dylan-English).

There have been vast changes since purchasing those first two goats. Researching pedigrees consumed much of my free time as well as “shopping” for goats and speaking with other Nigerian Dwarf Goat owners. I feel this has been beneficial to us in many ways. We have been able to attain a herd we are very proud of that has been built over the five-year period of raising goats. We have brought in what we believe to be some of the best lines in the country; this has resulted in many long road trips to Ohio, Chicago, and even Maine. We have met some amazing people along the way. Knowledge has been shared with us, and we have passed that knowledge onto others, as well as put into practice what we have learned.

Our herd is currently thirty-five head, give or take a few. Overall, we have a young or new to us, herd that is packed with excellent milk and show potential. We have busy schedules, but make an effort to attend at least one show per year. Future plans include Linear Appraisal and milk test. In the meantime, we strive to breed healthy, excellent quality goats for others to enjoy. Baby steps!